January 12, 2017

Top 5 Impossible Stealth Games

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube released in 2002. You play as the main protagonist known as Agent 47.  This game revolutionized the Hitman series as well as the whole stealth game scene. The game was the first stealth game to reward the player for actually playing stealthily. The player is allowed to not kill anyone at all or go on a full blow massacre. However if he decides to just kill every one he will face consequences in the next missions with guards being higher alert.
The game was particularly hard as it involved a lot of thinking and strategy such as making sure that the weapon you are carrying matches your disguise or whether you need a weapon at all for example if you are wearing the disguise of a janitor.

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